Every time you visit someone, there’s bound to be that one person who has the greatest taste in home decoration looking like they didn’t even break a sweat trying. You’re going to be just like them once we run you through these tips!



Colors everywhere! Interior design secret numero uno, start with a basic color scheme for the whole house and then take that from room to room. It’s easy to keep every room coordinated and in sync all while still having your house filled with different colors.



Secret number 2, fake your ceiling height. Ever wonder what makes those small apartment rooms so spacious? Low furniture and miniature decorations are the trick! Keeping everything down low changes your perspective and with this, any room can be a spacious one.



High contrast color palette. Feeling brave with saturated colors? Balance the color out with white so it won’t overwhelm your whole room. Every aspect of interior design has a balance to it.


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Fourth tip, expensive pieces must be front and center. High-investment decor needs to be placed in a way that every visitor wont miss it whilst being in sync with everything around it. If you’re going to invest in something such as a quality painting, make sure its good to be displayed upfront in your home.



The fifth secret of interior design, mirror mirror on the wall. Use mirrors to exaggerate the space you have in a room.             It’s like having an extra window in the room without dooming your poor walls. Bouncing light around helps make any room warmer.


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Secret number 6, sofa cover investment is the best investment. You not only view your sofa but also use your sofa almost every day. Money into a well made set of covers for your sofa set saves you the worry of messing up a precious piece of living room furniture.



The 50/150 rule for striping walls. You’ve probably heard of this from your painters but you’ve never really used it. Mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker.


We’re at the 8th secret of interior design, painting ceilings. Yes you read that right! Paint your ceilings to match the colors below it. Rule of thumb is that it needs to stay light. You’re looking up to the sky, not the dark abyss.



Snug with the rug, get a rug to spice up your room. Rugs are made because painting floors are a bad idea. Find a compelling design which fits your interior and you’re all set to dress your floor.



Last secret of the day. RGB lighting. 10/10 would wow any guests unless your guest is an expert in ceremonious stage and theatrical lighting. Quality RGB LED strips are as safe as your normal bulb lighting options. You could either use a wall mounted panel controller or go wireless with a remote. 16 million plus colors and a variety of lighting patterns, all at the tips of your fingers. Go wild, if things look weird, just turn it off or pick a different color.


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