A Luxury Bedroom With Exquisite designs with minimal budget

15 Hacks For A Luxurious Bedroom On A Budget

15 Hacks For A Luxurious Bedroom On A Budget


Everyone has that perfect bedroom and all of us belong there at night. Sometimes, even I myself, feel as if I could come home to a better looking bedroom design. Here’s 15 cheap and easy ways to help bring out the luxury side that’s hidden in all bedrooms!


Stacking pillows on the bed

1. Stacking Pillows

Stacking pillows can help make your bed more presentable and keep it looking plush. Large stacks of pillows also symbolize comfort. You can see this being done in 4 or 5 star hotels all the time. Stacked pillows become a part of the extravagant journey when introducing new people into any high class room.


Lamp shades on the night stand

2. Lamp Shades

Lamp shades also play an important role in setting the mood of your bedroom. Away with conventional plastic covered lamps and get yourself some shades made out of cloth. Lightly colored shades made of cloth are readily available and cheap. They can help you bring out a sense of class to your reading area or even nightstands.
Bedroom clutter singapore


3.Differentiating Clutter

Differentiating good clutter from bad clutter is one way to look at things but other than a keen eye, we can look at it from a point of bundling things that make sense together. Pillows belong together in a bundle and a stack of pillows, even when they’re not arranged, brings a comfortable appearance to the bedroom.

However, clothes cluttered up in a room is a big no. Have your clothes neatly arranged and if possible, hidden from sight. Sliding cupboards help a lot in this regard and without a swinging-panel extension, it is one of the most common choices of storage solution that belongs in luxury homes all over the world.

Add bedroom art paintings

4. Add Artwork

Add artwork to your room such as paintings or even a bonsai for a high class take on nature and artistic décor. Also keep your art pieces well lit, such as a bonsai plant being near a window or a painting having the proper lighting to compliment the theme you want to come to life in your bedroom.

Minimalist bedroom

5.Less is More

In luxury designs, having less is more. You’ll even see this conceptual thinking being used in top tier fashion designs for clothing. Sleek clean simple dresses emphasize perfection and beauty in simplicity. This is applicable to home interiors also and it’ll show even more in bedrooms as seen through the ages.

Classical European bedrooms have demonstrated on how a bedroom can also be a piece of breathtaking design. Tall post beds with drapes and a clean empty space surrounding it only occupied by necessary furnishing or decor.

long bedroom curtains


6. Waterfall Curtains

Long lush curtains that fall to the floor also represents an elite status in decoration choices. There’s something about large velvety smooth pieces of cloth that screams expensive tastes. It could might as well be the right choice of curtains for you to make your guest’s jaws drop. Make sure to pick the right color scheme as not all colors can properly compliment a theme of luxury and class.

small furniture in a bedroom


7. Small Furniture

Additional functional furniture such as a cozy chair would help give the bedroom a sense of completeness. We all know that at the end of the day, a bedroom is your one true friend for a good night’s sleep. It’s also a place that represents rest and leisure. Thus, it should also have the furniture to boot.

Silk Blanket for your home bed


8. Silk Blankets

Your blanket can tell a lot about you but if you love a room that points towards a complex and classy design, you’ll need a blanket that compliments that theme. Silky smooth linen is preferred for the exterior of the bed-sheet that will be presented every time someone enters a room and it should match the color flow of your room well too!

Silky smooth material isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to having to use it as a blanket but the best solution is to get a blanket that has a silky smooth exterior and a comfortable fluffy cotton interior for you to snuggle up to at night. These blankets are exceptionally priced but they’re totally worth the money being invested into it especially when it’s a critical design element to complete your luxury bedroom. They’re also significantly cheaper than real silk based blankets.

miniature plants for your home

9. Miniature Plants

Besides a bonsai, you can have other miniature plants such as a cactus. These little friends help enunciate the spaces in your bedroom and help them look larger than what seem to be. In addition to that, there’ll be a sense of life in the room. Little pieces of life alone have been proven to be a luxury to be kept indoors such as fish in an aquarium.

silver tray for your bedroom


10. Tabletop Tray

Get an affordable stainless steel tray to add a dash of elegance to your tabletop or nightstand. Table top trays is a decoration move that derives its existence from royalty as trays often used by butlers to deliver items in a formal and respectable manner. You’ll be able to find trays being used in most luxury homes nowadays with the world coming together in a global conversion of traditional and modern styling.

hanging lights bedroom


11. Hanging Lights

There’s one cheap alternative that every luxury homeowner tends to practice which is getting hanging lights instead of lighting that’s mounted directly onto the ceiling walls. Lights hanging at a distance from the ceiling is a styling reminiscent of chandeliers.

In today’s modern world, you’ll probably have an easy time finding cheap decorative lighting. You can even shop online for replica chandeliers powered by LEDs and made from easy-to-clean plastics.

Carpeted bedroom

12. Lush Carpets

Adding a carpet is awesome for give your room that extra touch of comfort and it helps bring contrast to your flooring as well! The beauty of picking a carpet on a budget is that you can’t go wrong if you can match the color scheme of the carpet with the color scheme of your room!

For the pros and cons of getting a bedroom carpet, check out this article by the Spruce on bedroom carpets.
Bedroom mirror


13. Wide Mirrors

Use mirrors to exaggerate the space in your bedroom. Mirrors are cost friendly and give that extra oomph in space when it comes the visual of your bedroom. Get a horizontally or vertically wide mirror with a proper frame to help it blend in better with your wall.

An aluminium frame is highly recommended as its proven to be the best transition between the mirrors surface and the wall due to its metallic reflection.

Painted ceiling


14.Painted Ceiling

Painting your ceiling helps throw your room into the out-of-the-ordinary field of design. Be careful about your color choices thought, light colors tend to work a lot better than darker colors.

A Wooden bedroom headboard for a more luxurious room


15. Wooden Headboard

Get a headboard that stands out such as a wooden one. The extra touch will go a long way in capturing the aspect of luxury and wealth you want to present. A custom headboard is an extra step in the right direction. Find budget friendly materials that suite your class of design to match your room.

In a nutshell, there’s many ways to class up your bedroom, but the budget options are a bit harder to get away with. This is where we recommend you seek out consultations from either us of other interior design specialists with prior experience in the design world so you can have your dream bedroom! Visit Seven Konzept’s Website Here!

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