7 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

7 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

7 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive


Some people deem the kitchen to be the heart of the home, and no matter whether you’re a professional chef or a regular home cook, there are some things that make your space more than just a place to cut up vegetables.

Everybody always ends up in the kitchen,” says American interior designer Nate Berkus.

It doesn’t matter how great the pillows are on your living room sofa — everyone is at the island hanging around.”

If you are a high achiever and you wish to impress, here are some things to consider to make your kitchen be the talk of the town – at least among your peeps! You will find out that even minor adjustments can do wonders.


1.Incorporate colors that wow

I think the one color that makes a room look more expensive is ivory. It’s a ‘forever color’ that has featured throughout every era,” says New York-based interior designer Tali Roth. Not only does this color never go out of style it also makes spaces appear to be larger, loftier and airier.


If neutral colors aren’t your thing, you can use bold colors. “Deep hues with shiny finishes are the way to go,” says interior designer Douglas Graneto. “For example, a deep navy wall with gold and purple contrast within the decor can exude a glamorous energy that for sure can feel luxurious.”


If you wish to add pops of colors, pick and choose some colors that go beautifully together and work your way from there. A foolproof tip is to pick just three colors for your palette. If your budget allows, consult a professional and you will be surprised to know what are

the latest trends and what’s getting people talking.

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2. Space and layout is key

As funny as it may sound but a room needs space to breathe. Clear your many, many pots and pans as well as cooking ingredients lying around your countertop. Not a sight for sore eyes to see them sprawled across the countertop so best to stow them away in your kitchen cabinets when not in use to preserve your kitchen’s expensive look.


With that, you should choose your kitchen cabinets wisely because they cover more of the wall space than what’s left open for paint. White cabinets are nice but bear in mind that they show dirt quickly in a busy kitchen.


Let’s also not to forget to mention that a kitchen layout that makes sense is essential to emit expensive vibes. The essential work triangle are the range, sink, and refrigerator. The distance between these three points should not be too far away. A strategic layout can make your life easier when maneuvering around a busy kitchen during peak hours.


3. Add height to your kitchen

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If your kitchen is in no position to be expanded, consider adding a mirror or two to trick your eyes into believing that the room is bigger than it actually is. Deceiving but friendlier to the pocket.


In the event that your kitchen comes with windows, experts suggest raising your window panels to create an illusion of height or substitute with floor length curtains if the location of the window allows. The added height will give your kitchen a grander feel


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4. Give it light

Natural lighting and source lighting is important. Changes in lighting can make a big difference in the way the color is perceived. Spend some time finding out how a color looks like under different types of lighting to decide which color looks best in most circumstances. Not only will light make a small space appear larger it also subsequently gives a room more appeal.


Very often in luxury homes and apartments, you’ll find that the lighting is subtly done but brings your attention to certain areas. Adding a lamp or under-cabinet light adds interest and dimension. Consult an electrician if you need to ask them basic know-hows on how to  use light to give a room a different feel.


5. Update old fixtures and hardware


If you want to give your kitchen a makeover and make it zero to hero without breaking the bank a cheaper alternative is to replace door pulls, handles, and even hinges with fancy pieces to give it some novelty. Just make sure to choose pieces that fit because you don’t want to be spending the extra bucks for nothing.

“Switching out small fixtures and hardware in the home for more thoughtful pieces can make the design of the home feel more intentional, which, in turn, makes it feel more expensive,” says designer Justina Blakeney.

A different approach is to stain your kitchen cabinets with a different hue of color to give it a whole new look.


Unique lighting can give the kitchen an extra class and invest in state of the art kitchen appliances helps in upgrading a kitchen’s sense of luxury. People’s eyes tend to land on things which emit expensive auras and modern hardware can do wonders.


6. Splurge on backsplash

The backsplash takes up the biggest amount of a kitchen’s visual real estate. This is where you can get creative and let your personality shine through. You can jazz up your kitchen with a daring pattern and design or just a simple monochromatic backsplash. If you’re on a budget, you can simply visit a DIY store and get your hands on simpler, adhesive-based products and transform your kitchen yourself over the weekends. Such products are more often than not easy to install and there’s no need to worry about any potential mess and disasters that constitute to mental breakdowns.


7. Give details some love

A centerpiece on your dining table (if its size allows) can make a remarkable transformation to your kitchen. Visit the florist once in a while to grab some beauties and a tip to make them last longer is to add some sugar into the water. Artificial flowers are just as nice and you can leave them for weeks at a time although it is not encouraged as they can act as a place of residence for dust particles and little spiders will weave webs on them. If you are not a fan of floral, you can use candlesticks, fruits or various ornaments which are just as nice.


Replacing your tableware with trendier ones is also an easy way to up your kitchen’s look. Likewise, pour your dish soap into a pretty soap dispenser for added class and store condiments inside fancy containers.