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Five Compact Interior Design Tips | Seven Konzept Singapore

Five Compact Interior Design Tips | Seven Konzept Singapore

These are our 5 tips for making your small home super welcoming to your guests and family! We all want our visitors and family members to be stunned at how elegant our homes are but there’s a lot more than just plain furniture arranging to get them excited!Colorful interior design singapore

1. Colors
Use colorful furniture and decor to bring out a sense of vibrancy in your room to great your guests with multiple layers of pleasant shades.

Spacious interior design singapore2.Space
Get smaller sized furniture to bring out a sense of spaciousness in all your rooms. Make sure the sense of size is evenly spread out all over your home for the best results in impressing your guests.

Shading Colors interior design singapore3.Shading
The color shade of your room helps add an extra layer of detail for your guests to have their perspective focused on. The more detail you have in your home, the larger it seems.

Paintings interior design singapore4.Paintings

Hanging paintings on your walls are a great way of extending your room’s character without occupying much space! If you’ve never hung a proper painting, you should try it out now!
Cushions Sofa interior design singapore5.Cushions
Cushions are an ideal way of providing volume in functional decor but also being an item that can enhance your room’s profile as well. Get matching cushions for your home for a splendid feel!

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