Tricks to make your kitchen bigger

Greatest Tips to Make A Kitchen Looks Bigger In 2018 | Kitchen Interior Design Singapore

Greatest Tips to Make A Kitchen Looks Bigger In 2018 | Kitchen Interior Design Singapore

You start your day in the kitchen. A cup of hot coffee with a fragrant smell could be the thing that marks your first smile in the morning. However, some of you might encounter a problem where your kitchen is not spacious enough, and the coffee might hardly mark your smile in that case. Let a professional of kitchen Interior Design in Singapore giving you some tricks on how to make your kitchen seems Larger and Bigger than ever.

“Expand” your kitchen, save your smile, enlighten your life.

Alright, let’s see what we can do for our kitchen right now!

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Plain and Light Colour

Some of you might be noticed that most properties or houses are painted white colour by default. While white colour is already a living colour on its own, the psychology shows that a white surrounding can provide a spacious feeling to an individual.

Hence, you can consider repaint or recolour the wall of the kitchen to be plain white or other light colours to create an illusion of space, makes it seems bigger.


Using Reflective Materials

In most interior design hints, they usually mentioned about installing decorative mirror to make the room seems bigger. The strategy is always effective. However, it does not limit only to the mirror.

For kitchen interior design, you can include the reflective appliances such as stainless steel appliances. The difference of the reflection effect might amaze you.


Use Light Furnishings and Decorations

If you have a smaller kitchen overall, you can consider about light furnishings and light decorations. These include the backless stools, wire kitchen islands, floating countertop or glass cabinets. These types of furniture provide low light stopping area, give you a broad view of the kitchen. And also this allows your kitchen to be seen more spacious than usual.


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Low Colour Contrast

Psychologically, you can design your kitchen to be filled with pieces of furniture that are more similar in colour to each other. This makes no item to be able to stand out than the rest, combining all the pieces of furniture and kitchen together in one view. Hence greatly reduce the sense of the mess, giving a feeling of space.


Sufficient Lightings

With additional cabinets or types of furniture, the kitchen is filled with a lot of corners. When getting dark, these corners will create the illusion of cramped space for human eyes. Therefore, install a sufficient light supply and light up the kitchen during the dark time can prevent the occurrence of illusion. If the sufficient lightings have collaborated with all the other tricks mentioned above, the outcome will be much noticeable