Top 10 Things That Probably Happened In Your Living Room

Top 10 Things That Probably Happened In Your Living Room

We brought you the top 10 things that probably happened in your living room! Admit it or not, these probably took place in your very own home.


Living Room Number 1: Parties We’ve all been there and done that but yet our kids try to do it again one too many times. Parties are a good way of social interaction but in the case of juvenile gatherings mixed with alcohol, you’ll probably going to end up with a mess or even a new window. Stopping whiskey and vodka from entering your house could spare you that new window you never wanted. living room couples Number 2: Death There comes a time where everyone would be carried away into the world here after but no one wants that to happen in their very own living room. According to Jeffrey Chu’s Blog Post, you have a 1 in 1884 chance of fatally falling down a fleet of stairs which odds are higher than a 1 in 8015 chance of dying in an airplane crash. So yes, try to travel more often. living room pets Number 3: Sex Don’t say that it doesn’t happen or will not happen. It’ll either be you, someone you know, or the next person that’s going to own the place. Lets just be transparent here, sex probably happens in your house more times than you would want to happen. Especially if you have pets running around in your living room.   food living room Number 4:Food Spills This is the part where your mum or aunt would end up screaming in agreement. Before the respected woman of the house hacks your head off for spilling your Spaghetti on her favorite carpet, I suggest not eating in the living room in the first place. Trust me, your mum wont spare you from getting smacked.   living room crying Number 5: Somebody Crying You usually have breakups or divorces happening in living rooms even in movies or drama series. The most common cause of crying; siblings beating each other. If you have a sibling, you should be able to relate. The hot chase down always ends in the living room where one side calls for reinforcement from parents or the other side just completely whacks the younger sibling to dismal on end. Inherently being Asian, you could also possibly get whacked with a coat hangar for no reason at all. living room arguement Number 6: Arguments This one sort of relates to the previous fact in a cause and effect way but arguments usually take place in the living room most of the time. It could be child to parent confrontations or your mother buying something your dad doesn’t like or even someone eating the food you bought for yourself. Living rooms are where the battlefield is for arguments sake. There’s no real statistic to back this up but take it this way, you’ll less likely to end up in an argument in the toilet than the living room. living room boyfriend girlfriend Number 7: Introducing Your Newer Significant Other For X Amount Of Times I bet parents are tired of this. You should never bring a NEW partner into your home every time you end up with a new partner! If you’re constantly switching partners, try and not bring them home immediately for a family introduction. Instead you should bring yourself to church.Next! Living Room Board Games Number 8: Board & Card Games No matter where you are in the modern society. You shall not escape this game. It comes in many different forms but the widest known game that keeps tearing family and friends apart is called Monopoly. Another famous game of social betrayal is known as UNO.If you played this with your siblings, chances are you never gave them a chance. Living Room Beer Pong Number 9: Beer Pong Do you know what your kids do when you’re away? Its related to having a party but beer pong is a game in where youths fill up party cups with beer and try to score a dunk in their opponents cup with a ping pong ball. The opponent then is forced to drink each cup that his opponent scores. Its pretty fun, you should try it out if you’re not past your late thirties yet. No offense. ghost living room Number 10: Supernatural Sightings Yeah, that crazy aunt of yours has probably seen things going about in your living room that’s not supposed to happen but good news is, its probably happening only in her head! People see things all the time and its most commonly attributed to the fact that the human brain trying to over-process things. If things do happen to go bump in the middle of the night though, you know what to do. Time to go to church. There are many things that probably happened in your living room but at the end of the day, you want your living room looking good. Seven Konzept Singapore, the interior design company of your choice! Hire them for the best all round service and prime kitchen design expertise! For more articles like this, like our Facebook Page!

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